The Marriage of Albert Roberts and Margaret Emily Waterman, October 1813

This past October, Chris and I had the honor of capturing the wedding of our dear friends Maggie and Robert, who were joined together forever in the chapel at The Hermitage in Tennessee.  The wedding was historical one, set in 1813, no better choice for the couple who represents it best so often at reenactments and living history events throughout the South.

Albert is also known as The Doctor – here is his blog.
Maggie teaches historical dress as Undressing The Historical Lady, and also has a costuming blog here.
For the reception, Maggie wore “Hartfield” Regency boots in ivory
Her ballgown was made by The Lady of Portland House
Maggie’s bonnet was a creation of Lydia Fast
More photos from the wedding can be see on the HMS Acasta blog here.

…and it was the most beautiful wedding ever!… 


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