Romantic Era Gowns – c. 1820s-1830s

I have a bit of an itch to make something late 1820s, 1830s.  Crazy, I know.  Crazy GIGOT SLEEVES! Crazy!

But…but…some are quite pretty. And it’s a most unloved era.  I feel a great challenge in getting the silhouette correct, so I may have to give it a go.  Here are some stomachable examples (in my opinion):

Ball dress of cream silk net embroidered in gold metal strip. late 1820s, Via
The Met, 1830, British
abiti antichi, 1829, Via
Romantic-period hand-embroidered silk taffeta dress with large gigot sleeves, c.1830. Via
MFA, French Ball Gown, 1825, Via

I’ll end with my most favorite Romantic garment ever, this pink gown from LACMA. I think if I try for this period, I will try to make this one…

LACMA, 1830, Via

This gown is pink silk satin with an overlay of organza beaded with imitation pearls.  I find it stunningly beautiful and incredibly challenging, especially all those pearls, but so drool-worthy! So…perhaps Costume College next year? pressure!


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