Beautiful Historical Fans – Please Vote!

Hello Lovelies!  Today I’d like to share with you a number of gorgeous historical fans, and ask your opinion on which you like the most…

Fan #1 – The Met,  early 19th c. French
Fan #2 – The Met, 1800-1809, French
Fan #3 – The Met, late 19th c. American or European
Fan #4 – The Met, early 19th c. European
Fan #5 – The Met, 18th c. French

 The interesting thing about fans from the 19th century is that a great many of them resemble fans of the 18th century.  There is a mix here, and perhaps it is a sin to say it, but couldn’t just one of these designs work for Georgian, Regency, and Victorian costuming?  Now, what do you think?  Please vote for your favorite(s) in the poll below…


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