Glorious 1930s Vintage Shoes

from Etsy seller Simplicityisbliss

The 1930s is one of my favorite periods for footwear.  Everything is just so darn snazzy! Perforated leather, interesting stripe decorations, oxfords, cutouts, color blocking … ah, so much good stuff.  Here are some terribly inspirational 1930s shoes to drool over:

These make me twitch with excitement they’re so gorgeous. Also from Etsy seller Simplicityisbliss
MFA, 1930s, American – 3.5″ heels!
The Met, 1930s, American
London College of Fashion – recognize this? it’s the inspo for “Claremont”
London College of Fashion – awesome stripe detail on the toe
London College of Fashion – beautiful color, perforated leather, and a 3 3/4″ heel, yowza!
London College of Fashion – another beauty similar to Claremont
London College of Fashion – a spectator oxford in brown and white. Super snazzy sauce.
A sophisticated leather oxford with cutouts – from my collection
Perforated oxford “nurse shoes.”  Best dressed nurse ever. From my own collection


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