1780-81 The Glasgow Polonaise Sacque Jacket – Done!

My sacque jacket from the back, with the beautiful hanging pleats

Last I updated about this jacket, we’d just set the shoulder straps and I had a bit of finishing to do before our trip to Scotland.

Working on the Isabella Mactavish Fraser gown – photo graciously provided by Atelier Nostlagia

Well now we’re back from Scotland and I can finally share some photos of the finished jacket! I wore it three times – once for an impromptu photoshoot in Prince’s Street Gardens, and then both days of the gown-in-a-weekend project at National Museums of Scotland.

The jacket was very comfortable to wear and I’m so glad it was cotton because it was *hot* in the museum. My shift, stays, and jacket were all soaked at the end of each day, but quick drying (yay, linen and linen linings!).

The jacket hangs open in the front, with a false waistcoat stitched in at the side-back seams. The front drape is shaped with pleats at the side and the front edges.

I wore my Penny River hand-embroidered stockings (Etsy), red Dunmore shoes, and green Charlotte buckles by Sign of the Grey Horse (Etsy) 

I had a chance to see the original jacket on display at the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow when we nipped up there for the day. It was like seeing an old friend, except I could also observe everything I got wrong on my version! Ah, but that’s the point of the exercise, I think…to learn about historic construction, and the why’s and how’s of it.

The original jacket at the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow – it was such a treat to see this!

I’m going to wear this jacket again to Costume College at the end of this month. I plan to add some cord and button to hold the cuffs up, but other than that and a washing, it’s ready to go. If you’re going to Costume College, we’ll see you there!

And now we know why it’s called a “pet en l’air” 😛

Photos are by Abby Cox, naturally <3

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