Introducing “Hartfield” Regency Walking Boots – Pre-Order Open!

Ladies, I’m so happy to finally be able to offer up the new Regency walking boots, “Hartfield,” for your consideration.  Of all the shoes we’ve done, I feel these are the most faithful reproduction of a period style, modeled directly from extant examples in our favorite museums.

Hartfield, named for Emma’s home in Jane Austen’s novel “Emma,” is an all-leather half-boot that laces closed, allowing for a tight fit through the ankle.  We’ve done them in a nice chocolate brown, as well as a dyeable/paintable ivory that is lovely enough to be seen dancing at a ball, but also sturdy enough for outdoor events.

You can Pre-Order your pair of Hartfields between now and September 1, 2013 .  This is a LIMITED Pre-Order, so don’t wait, or we may not have your size!

We have to sell about 70 pairs of Hartfield to be able to do the production run, so please share so we can make this happen!  Delivery is estimated for November.

So what did I base “Hartfield” on?  Here are the originals…

Boots, 1795-1815, The Met

These are the specific boots of study, with their awesome pointed toes, and cute little spring heels.  I also looked at these:

Boots, 1790-1820, The Met
Museum of London, 1815 – these have a round toe, which became the popular style around 1815
Nankeen Boots, (c)Virginia Review, 1795-1810, via
Boots, 1780-95, The Met.  These are obviously earlier, with an Italian heel, but the construction of the upper is the same.

If we meet the pre-order goal, we’ll have Hartfield in for Christmas, but I encourage you to pre-order, as we have been selling out of some sizes before the shipments even arrive.  You can find your booties HERE at .


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