A Trip to Valhalla Renaissance Faire, 2013

This past weekend was one of many festivities, one of which was the annual visit to Valhalla, our most local Renfaire.

Oh Renfaire, how I love thee.  A day of utter silliness is always welcome, especially with two of my favorite people that I hardly ever get to see….the ones that can’t keep a straight face in this series of unfortunate photos:

Me and Craig, in our natural states.
Jenny and I now have a tradition, it seems, started last year 
We hung out with ze Germans all day, as usual.  They’re the most fun.
Craig sporting his highly-researched German peasants garb.  I helped pattern his jacket, which turned out really swell.

I was working on my doublet + sleeves way late the night before, but got it into a wearable state.  It has its issues – the collar is weird and needs a revisit; it’s undertrimmed by a mile; it needs pad stitching and some finishing here and there.  In general, though, it fit and I am pretty happy with it.  I bought some velvet ribbon and reticela lace, at the faire, to trick it out before Costume College, which I may or may not take this to.

In its “Stage 1” state, with the re-pleated yellow skirt.
End of the day at Vals – the whole thing held up pretty well.  I need to revisit the pleating and leveling of the petticoat again, if I’m going to wear so much bum padding (I always do)
I was afraid the back at the waist would be too short, but now I can see that with all this froof on the deriere, it could be even shorter (I struggle with this often)


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