V293: Finished Project: Indienne Print “Curtain-Along” Gown, 1780

I finished my “Curtain-Along” dress in time to wear to Colonial Williamsburg, but it rained the day I had planned to wear it, and only donned it for a couple hours, so I thought it a swell idea, given the beautiful Fall colors outside this time of year, to take some nice photos.

Mr. Chris and I went to our favorite local park and took a few snaps.  I wore the skirt of the gown down, and dragged it mercilessly through wet grass and dirt, but yay for cotton! it washed right out.  I like to see wear and tear on my gowns – Maggie and I call it “patina” – as I think it adds “life” to the dress, or the idea of age and use and authenticity.

The hedgehog hairstyle is done with mostly my own hair – the ponytail down the back is added on with two hanks of “ponytail” hair from the beauty supply.  I sprayed just the front of my hair with a spray-on silver color, but it came out too sparkly and shiny for my liking, and I much prefer the white spray color, to mimic powdering.

We were almost a *bit* early for the Autumn colors, but I liked the mix of green and reds, oranges, and yellows, the “transitional” rather than the full-on (that is another photoshoot, with another dress, another day!).  I was happy to see the Virginia creepers in full fire – absolutely my favorite sort of vine, so much so I crawled into it for a snuggle.

For accessories, I tried a beret originally made for Regency styles.  I took my new historical-dog-headed cane (not pictured), and wore red silk clocked stockings with black Kensington shoes, and Dauphine shoe buckles.  You can get the stockings, shoes, and buckles in my shop – www.american-duchess.com

I’m really happy with how this dress turned out. I feel like it’s the first dress I’ve really ever gotten it “spot-on” with, in terms of fit.  I can actually raise my arms, such a novelty!

For those of you lovelies who are also making Curtain-Along garments, please post links to your finished or in-progress projects! I would love to see the creative ways you used the fabric. 🙂


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