V226: Advertisement Fans, or Fans of Advertising?

I ran across this cool advertisement fan on Bobby Pin Blog awhile back, and thought it was a nifty idea…

Advertisements on fans seem to have been pretty common in the past, and what a good idea it was, in the time before A/C.  Some were fairly simple…

I guess you don’t really want to be glitzy when you’re fanning at a funeral…

Some more complex, with a lovely image on one side, and the important info on the backside, so whichever way a lady may hold the fan, the message would be conveyed.

This one apparently advertised Health Spot Shoe Store in St. Petersburg, FL.   Must’ve been some hot Floridian footwear.
This one was a hand out from Haines the Shoe Wizard in York, PA. 
Here’s another from Haines the Shoe Wizard.
A lovely accordian fan advertising French champagne.

I’m so keen on this idea, I kindof want to make some American Duchess fans to hand out to overheated ladies at these toasty Summertime events.


  • Gracie Lee

    August 13, 2012 at 11:59 PM

    This gave me a good giggle. I live in St. Petersburg, Fl, and I've never heard of Health Spot Shoe Store. However, I have extended family in York, Pa, and the Haines name is still a familiar one. Of note, Haines built a "shoe house" (literally, a house shaped like a shoe) in 1948 which stands to this day. Furthermore, fans weren't only used for advertising. I remember when I was young, my grandmother (in York, Pa) had a fan or two kicking around that had been part of a political campaign. Perhaps that still counts as advertising…

  • Antonia Pugliese

    August 14, 2012 at 3:27 AM

    How lovely. I want one! One of the dancers in my vintage dance troupe once made advertising-style fans for the dance week we ran. Her trick was to go to home depot and ask for paint stirrers – they were free, and they made great handles. With some card stock and spray adhesive, it could be a relatively easy project.

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