V172: Vintage 1940s, 50s and 60s Patterns

Jun 20, 2012 2 comments
Yesterday I received a wonderful gift from Beth - four gorgeous vintage sewing patterns!

I looooove vintage patterns.  There is something about them that just makes sewing with one a real treat, even if I always have to adjust for a size or two up.  Luckily, a great many 1950s and 60s patterns are so simply drafted that it is easy to scale them.

Thank you Beth!!  These are gorgeous!

I am also selling some vintage patterns on eBay.  I bought a bag of 40-some-odd awhile back, and kept about half of them, but there are quite a few that I would like to offer for sale.  Most of them are vintage size 12, some smaller, some larger.

I've started them at super-low prices on the auctions, so if you're looking for a steal, check these out - my store is HERE.


  1. Heehee, they look way better in your photos than they did sitting in my garage! And don't feel obligated to keep them - I'm just trying to pass things along to the right home. :)

  2. Wow!! That's quite a present! There's nothing quite as exciting as an antique 1950s pattern.

    Thanks for sharing these photos!

    Happy sewing,



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