V123: Instant 1930s Shirt

Back in 1930, in Hollywood, the Hays Code determined what was and was not acceptable to show in a motion picture.  Things like profanity, drug trafficking, and childbirth couldn’t be shown, but the Hays Code also banned clothing that was too suggestive.  Plunging necklines were not allowed, but plunging backs were not restricted, so the fashions shifted dramatically to the high necks and deep V or scoop backs iconic of the 1930s.  Essentially they just turned their gowns around!

Well we can do that too!  You can get a ’30s look with some modern t-shirts, tank-tops, and even blouses by simply turning them around.  Here’s a striped t-shirt I bought at Forever 21 yesterday.  It has a deep, round neckline that is great for modern day, but not at all appropriate for the past.

Just turn it around! Now the front has a lovely boat-neck style, but the back is bare and chic, like in the ’30s.  This works with a modern t-shirt because there is almost never any shaping through the bust, due to the stretchy jersey fabric.

Give it a try!


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