V120: 1912 Titanic Ball, Hair Stylings

I just got back from The Other Side of the Mountains (Californialand), and my trip down to Gaskells Victorian Ball.  It was an amazing evening, full of beautiful 1912 gowns that I will show you in tomorrow’s post.

I did my hair before I drove down.  It survived the all-day journey decently well, all though the extra weight and at least a hundred bobby pins took their toll and caused some headache-y-ness.

Anywho, here’s the finished style.  This was done by curling my real hair in front, then piling up a hair piece in back, in big rolls pinned into place.  I used a stretchy bead bandeau I found at Sally Beauty Supply, as well as one those beaded double-comb thingies (like this one


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