V53: 18th Century Costume Modeling at Nevada Museum of Art

Last night I posed for artists at the Nevada Museum of Art’s costume painting class.  I wore the Revolution Dress I made last year, and dressed my hair in a simple pouf style.

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I was tickled when one of the students said I looked like Marie Antoinette, except more of a prostitute! LOL.

The pose was 3 hours, and after awhile you start to slump and squish into all kinds of weird positions – forgive me my bad posture and wrinkly bodice!

I was so flattered at the end of the night, when one of the painters, Dan, gave me his painting. Squee! Thank you Dan!

Painting and photo of painting by Daniel Helzer

I have to admit I was kindof jealous of the students – I wanted to be painting, too, so I intend to sign up for the class for next session as soon as it’s available for enrollment. 🙂

If you have a local art museum or college that offers figure drawing classes, it’s a wonderful experience to model your historical costumes and get to see how they are interpreted by different eyes and hands, plus the artists love getting the chance to draw things we never normally see – ladies in fantastical dress. 🙂

I will have a tutorial for you tomorrow on the simple pouf hairstyle, so stay tuned. 🙂


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