V48: Reno's Vintage Motel Signs

Feb 17, 2012 4 comments

A few days ago I took a wander around Fourth Street in Reno, not the best place for a girl to be wandering, but I had on me the 1950s Zeiss Ikon Contina camera Chris gave to me, and was surrounded by a whole flock of some of the most wonderful mid-century motel signs ever.

'Course...I ran out of film.  And that film has not yet been developed.  Oh the joy of film!

With far too many vintage signs left, I decided to continue with my camera phone, which takes ridonculously good photos, and yes, they're from the "Retro Camera" app, but I happen to like hipstamatic photos, when used appropriately...what's more appropriate than vintage motel signage in the most hipster part of Reno?

Anyway, here are my phone snaps from the day - enjoy a little 1950s goodness today, from the Biggest Little City in the World. :-)


  1. Love these. Am going to look for that app you mentioned.

  2. I pass some wonderful vintage signs daily in my drive through Detroit. I never have a camera with me and doubt I would be brave enough to stop and photograph some of the places, but I still appreciate them. Happy to see someone else has the same aesthetic. --Karen

    1. Why are all the best signs in the worst parts of town, I wonder? I admit I was nervous walking around down there, even in broad daylight...

  3. Great shots! I primarily shoot Googie signs and have been told countless times that I need to get to Reno. This is further proof!



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