How to Tie a Regency Turban

You know those mysterious costuming mysteries that sometimes plague us?  How to tie a turban is one of them.

If you are practically hair-less like me, a quick and easy head-wrap is the perfect way to finish off a Regency gown, day or evening, and hide your lack-of-hair.

Here’s a quick video showing how to do it.  This can be done with any standard-sized scarf.  The one in the video was done with a silk scarf; the one in the photo below with a basic rayon scarf.  My only warning is to avoid really huge scarves or shawls, as they can be a lot to handle.

Practice, be creative and experiment, and have a fun weekend 🙂

A turban tied with a basic rayon scarf.  Try it with a pashmina-style scarf for the perfect period touch


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