Costume Modeling with Ron, a Photo Shoot for Future Paintings

Last weekend I had the pleasure of pulling *almost* every costume I still have out of my closet and modeling them for an outstanding illustrator, Ron Spears, who wanted to take reference photos for future paintings.  This is the same wonderful painter who did this portrait at the Nevada Museum of Art many moons ago.  We did a little “history lesson,” starting in the 16th century and going right the way through to the 19th…then Steampunk, teehee!  Here are a few of my favorites from the photos he took (all (c)Ron Spears):

1580s Elizabethan doublet.  Remember when I made this?
 I’d forgotten how much I liked it, despite the weird fit issues.
Last year’s Elizabethans…well, sortof.  It’s about 1590-1610,
a waistcoat of mostly inappropriate fabric but I still love it, lol
Please pay no attention to that wig, omg.  I had a hair emergency –
 no proper hair for the 1660s, so just pretend I’m still getting dressed for the ball…
Bye-Bye little red stripey jacket.  This is the last occasion I wore this (and the second occasion), only to discover that it is indeed too short waisted for my long torso, so it’s been sold off to a lovely lady in California. 
The pet en l’air, and the BigAss Cap.
I like this photo because it shows all the lights and fiddling things, like that duct tape on the floor, lol.  This is the late 1840s into 1850s daydress that needs SO much work it’s not even funny.
Late 1870s.  Meh.
Steampunk!  Ron is doing a series of Steampunk portraits, so I pulled out all the weird stuff I have – bird wings, tiny top hats, Mad Scientist glasses.  The ship’s wheel was Ron’s, of course, lol.


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