18th c. Shoes: Design Your Own

Feb 12, 2011 4 comments
Time to be creative!  While we wait for updates to the new American Duchess 18th c. Shoes, I thought it'd be fun to draw up a little template that you guys can download and draw all over, to have some fun dreaming about colors, cockades, buckles, you name it.  Get your design just right and ready to go for when your shoes arrive!

It's analogue-style for now - markers, colored pencils, or a paint program on your computer (I use Adobe Photoshop).  Here's what it looks like blank:

Have fun!!


  1. Are these going to be covered in polyester or some other material? I've been looking at dyeing options and everything I'm reading about polyester is bad- doesn't take color well, not color-fast, only wearable once! Yikes! Any idea what the fabric is?

  2. Hi Taylor - the fabric is 100% silk. It is all natural and will dye just fine :-)

  3. WOO HOO! That is excellent!

  4. I was digging back & found this post with the dead link. Alas, no colouring for me. :(


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