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May 6, 2010 8 comments
Please forgive the messy messy room!  However,
dogs are always included :-)  The tabs will be *under* the
skirt when it's worn. 

I've cut the skirt to length, with a big swooping curve to make the train but keep it floor length in the front.

From the excess cut off the bottom of the skirt, I made lots of bias for binding the bottom edge of the bodice, all those tabs.  I have to admit that I've not done the best job on these.  Maybe a good press with the iron will help it, but it's not pulled as tautly as I wanted.  Luckily all those tabs will be under the waist of the skirt!

Also, here's a shot of the back of the bodice (tabs not bound) with the sleeve pinned on.  I obviously didn't take this photo in the bathroom mirror (lol!), so it gives you a much better idea of how these gorgeous sleeves are going to look, yay!


  1. Wow!!!! Just amazing and beautiful!

  2. Beautiful! You got the neckline so perfect, and the sleeves are shaping up to be amazing.

  3. I love these sleeves !

  4. Ooh - you've got me drooling! Looks so fabulously scrummy! Argh - damn you (in a nice way) - you've got me hankerin' for some 17th century stitching and I have more than enough 18th century and 50s projects to be getting on with!! What's a girl to do?!

  5. Wow, I love the sweep of the skirt. And seeing the sleeve put on in the fashion fabric, I love it even more.

  6. Looks great! And very inspiring! And here I sit and can't sew. Aaaargh!

  7. Woot! Blog-o-verse approvals! I'm so glad you guys are liking it. Now everybody drop what you're doing and make something 17th c., lol! I *ought* to be working on finishing an 1850s day dress for multiple events coming up this summer, but instead I had to do this project, hahaha. At this point things are really going to start coming together - sleeves will go on, trim will be stitched on the front, the skirt will be pleated and trimmed, etc. I can't wait to show you guys more photos!

  8. Oh shit, i think this may urge me to like 17th century better.

    Then again, the portrait for Dreamstresses last rate that gown made me giddy too. Looked like a bad couch. In alll the best ways.

    I really love this new trim better than the first choice. You so rock.


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