Tiniest and Sneekiest Peek – 1960s Mad Christmas Dress

Okay, I was going to keep this secret until Christmas, but I’ll give a peek.  It’s not the best picture in the world – will have to wait for Christmas to take better ones :-).

Early 1960s gold brocade dress, with a tight-fitting bodice and pleated skirt.  It’s a high-ish boat neck in front, a deep V in back, closing center back with a zipper.  The skirt is box pleated and worn over a modest poof of a petticoat.  It’ll also have a belt and probably a rhinestone buckle, just because that’s how I roll. 🙂  I draped the pattern for the bodice, adjusting for my long-waist-edness – there are four darts in front, and two in back.

The brocades section at JoAnn’s is my new favorite hangout – such perfect fabric for chic early ’60s numbers.  I got two other brocades for future Mad Men inspired dresses too … but those are for later. 🙂


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