Sunny Stay Continued

I love how sometimes there are projects that just want to be made, and they come together so quickly and precisely, and you just love every minute of it.

I LOVE these stays.  Absolutely in love with them.  They’re so cheerful!  I’m pleased with the stripe matching, and I love the way the new chevron stomacher looks (even if it will be mostly covered in lacings), and the stripey self-bias binding.  They’re just really really lovely.  I think Other Lauren Too (not myself and not Lauren, Lady of Portland House, but yet another!) will be really pleased with these.

Notes: after some back and forth, we decided to put an extension on the front, to bring the point down lower.  It looks much better, yes?  It’s pieces, matching the stripes, and while the seam is visible on the outside, it will be almost completely hidden by the eyelets and lacings.  There is no break in the stays, either, so it’s nearly imperceptible.

I can’t wait to get the ribbons on this thing!  Other Lauren Too and I have decided, for the sake of time, cost, and sturdiness, to use metal grommets with washers, which Other Lauren Too plans to cover with threads later, so please don’t hurt at me when you see metal bits, I know they’re anachronistic! (/cowers)


  • Anne Elizabeth

    November 12, 2010 at 10:51 AM

    They're beautiful, and I am happy for you that you are enjoyng them so much. It's funny how with some dress projects, you really want to have and show and wear the result, but making them is tedious, and others are just so much fun! (I love wearing rococo, but sewing regency seems to be more enjoyable to me.)

    Good job in matching all the stripes, and I looove stripey bias tape. It's like candy cane!

  • Lauren R

    November 12, 2010 at 9:13 PM

    Thanks everyone! Man, we're collecting so many Laurens I can't keep us straight now, hahaha.

    I haven't told the blogosphere about the next project only because I like to surprise people, and also because the design is getting mulled around in my head still. I have MUCH to sew and post about!

    Beth, thank you! I working on updating the Etsy Boutique with new products, including stays, and also listings that will enable you to order custom stays. I have some projects in the queue for the next two months or so, but I will be updating the shop soon.

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