The Baroque, AT LAST

My lovely blog readers, you have been so patient in waiting for me to chug through a couple other costumes before returning to The Baroque, but at long last your wait is over!

It is not done, as you will see, it is missing some trim on one of the cuffs, and wants a hem to the skirt (you can’t see that), as well as some interior finishings and hooks/bars on the waistband of the skirt, to secure it to the bodice, and hopefully help pull out that buckle on the bodice.

I bought this lovely hair piece a couple weekends back, and plan to curl the front of my hair and wear this ponytail thingy.  It’s more Victorian than Baroque, but I think it looks pretty and will work quite well.  The stag pendant was given to me by a dear friend, Jenny S.

For anyone interested in how I took these photos (as if they’re something special, lol), I hung a sheet from my uppermost shelf, letting it hand to the ground.  This is next to a window that lets in natural light, and I placed a large piece of white foam board opposite, to reflect the light into the darker areas of the subject (me.).  I brightened the exposure a bit as well.


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