Pattern for Smartness - 1940s Sewing Inspiration

Apr 17, 2010 7 comments
I clicked through to this video from la Chatelaine Chocolat's blog, so we have her to thank for the link.  I'm enthralled by this little video put out in 1948, but Simplicity.  Bad acting, great clothes!  Just the thing to get me started on my 1940 floral summer dress :-)

You'll have to click the link to watch the video - the embed function is too large for the bloggy area. Worth, it though!


  1. Thanks so much for posting that! I have that exact 1948 sewing book so it was fun to see it in the video!

  2. Fabulously awful! That plaid taffeta 'bustle' dress at the end was pure awesome! Thanks so much for posting!

  3. I found it so entertaining! but I also learned some things from it too, oddly enough. I particularly love how Jimmy or Johnny or whatever his name was, suggests enthusiastically that the *girls* put on a fashion show to raise money for the *boy's* basketball team, lol!

  4. A friend posted it on FB and I had to share since we are all talking about summer dresses. At first my modern sensibilities caused me to roll my eyes at the beginning of the video piece but by the end I thought it was a rich piece of information for sewing, style, etc. Enjoy!

  5. Whatever that hem thing was that made the hem lines. I want it. I must have it.

  6. This was fun! It was interesting to see some of the techniques mostly now dismissed as a waste of time demonstrated as all matter of fact, that's just how you do it. I may have to revisit tailor's tacks...
    How exciting! I have the pattern for the blue corduroy dress; it's neat to see it worn. I wouldn't have thought to use anything that heavy.


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