Time Travel: Le Bal Des Vampyres, 1840s

I promise you I have some delectable projects to begin updating about soon, including a fantastic 18th c. men’s ensemble ripe with embroidery and velvet and goodies. However, I also need to report on recent Time Traveler activities!

Last weekend I celebrated my birthday by skipping down to my old, favorite “home town,” Alameda, for the PEERS Bal Des Vampyres, the annual dance event full of Awesome and Win, held in the fantastic Edwardian Alameda Elk’s Lodge (don’t be fooled by the “lodge” part of that, it’s a very elegant neo-classically influenced building).

After a wink of alterations, I wore the rose/cream striped 1840s ballgown. I’d forgotten how much I love this dress! The first time I wore it, back in the middle of the year, I had to be sewn into it because it was just WAY too big in the shoulders (that’s what I get for using the Not-So-Uniquely me dress form without double checking on my Not-Quite-My-Double Dritz form). This time I took in the side seams a bit, which helped only marginally with the shoulder problem, but at least it wasn’t falling off!

And, of course, the tall feather. I just can’t go anywhere without tall feathers :-).

The lovely photos are by Neil Girling, a charming gentleman and pro-photographer I met at the dance. His website is www.theblight.net.


  • Duchie

    November 10, 2009 at 6:33 AM

    the tall feathers always cause problems, that's why I wear them, hahaha 🙂

    Thanks, Madame B. I am always envious of YOUR delightful events, btw!

  • The Dreamstress

    November 11, 2009 at 7:07 AM

    It's looking even better! Why didn't you wear the owl though?

    I wore tall feathers at Halloween and discovered the problem with them! I think I need to stick to short feathers from now on!

  • Duchie

    November 11, 2009 at 5:02 PM

    Thanks Gals! Dreamstress, I did not wear the owl gown firstly because it's somewhat difficult to wear – it pulls on the shoulders and causes quite a lot of tension there. Also, I did not have the time or setup to apply the feathers to my face. Another reason is because parts of it are missing, hahaha, and also because I do not often wear the same gown to two dances back-to-back. I have no taken steps to begin photographing and auctioning the owl gown – still in the process of moving and everything is a-jumble – and now I'm not so sure I want to sell it. We shall see. It may get at least one more wearing.

    (oh, and lastly, it was my birthday! doesn't every girl want to resemble a giant pink and cream-striped cupcake on her birthday?) 🙂


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