Time Travel: Le Bal Des Vampyres, 1840s

I promise you I have some delectable projects to begin updating about soon, including a fantastic 18th c. men’s ensemble ripe with embroidery and velvet and goodies. However, I also need to report on recent Time Traveler activities!

Last weekend I celebrated my birthday by skipping down to my old, favorite “home town,” Alameda, for the PEERS Bal Des Vampyres, the annual dance event full of Awesome and Win, held in the fantastic Edwardian Alameda Elk’s Lodge (don’t be fooled by the “lodge” part of that, it’s a very elegant neo-classically influenced building).

After a wink of alterations, I wore the rose/cream striped 1840s ballgown. I’d forgotten how much I love this dress! The first time I wore it, back in the middle of the year, I had to be sewn into it because it was just WAY too big in the shoulders (that’s what I get for using the Not-So-Uniquely me dress form without double checking on my Not-Quite-My-Double Dritz form). This time I took in the side seams a bit, which helped only marginally with the shoulder problem, but at least it wasn’t falling off!

And, of course, the tall feather. I just can’t go anywhere without tall feathers :-).

The lovely photos are by Neil Girling, a charming gentleman and pro-photographer I met at the dance. His website is www.theblight.net.


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