Congratulations Avi, Cutest Crafting Pet!

Oct 19, 2009 10 comments
Congratulations to Avi, Taiwan Dog Extraordinaire, who won The Dreamstress' "Cutest Crafting Pet Competition!"

Avi won a box full of all kinds of goodies - a bag of pineapple lumps (have since been eaten), the biggest chocolate bar I have ever seen (has since been eaten), some lovely postcards, and the most wonderful reticule on the face of the earth.

Hand made by the Dreamstress herself, this little reticule is a lovely silk rendition of a pineapple, which became all the rage around the turn of the 19th century. I cannot WAIT to carry this with me to various late 18th century, Regency, and Victorian events! I think this reticule is quite possibly the most lovely thing I've ever had!

Avi, well, she tolerated me tying it about her neck and snapping her photo, even after she was utterly shocked at Kanye West popping up in our living room... (thanks Madame Berg!)


  1. Congratulations again :) Did you have to use fire to get Mr West to leave you alone?

  2. I'm so happy she won. I voted for her!

  3. Awesome! I'm glad you got it and enjoyed the chocolate and pineapple lumps!

  4. Bwahaha. Mr. Kanye got bit in the face by my ferocious sewing dog :-)

    Avi thanks you for your vote, Melissa!

    And Dreamstress, I am now a pineapple lump ADDICT, lol

  5. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WHAT THE FUCK that picture is amazing, go madame berg.

    Also; I did not think avi could get any cuter, but I have since been proven wrong and my brain is about to splode. YELLOW BULLET!

  6. I think it's just because you haven't seen The Bullet in awhile. She misses you! She's very happy here, though :-)

  7. How are you going to feed your addiction so far away from NZ?!? I think you need to immigrate :-P

  8. Thanks for the Pineapple Lumps! I've just finished them today, and they made it all the way to Scotland. What a great sweetie. So, do you mean Avi ate them as well, Lauren, or did you? ;-)


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