Stiff Canine/Kitty Crafting Competition

Sep 15, 2009 3 comments

A competition for the cutest crafting pet/sewing helper/general furry costuming menace, over at The Dreamstress. Now, I won't try to sway your vote or anything....just sayin'...that's a Robe a L'Anglaise Avi has made her bed on...


  1. well, okay I guess.... my dog prefers sleeping on whatever sheet music I happen to toss on the floor after I am finished practicing ?

  2. Too cute! My pups are pretty good about staying off fabric. It's Gico who likes to "Help".

  3. At least your puppy only sleeps...or does he/she chew it up too? Avi would totally rip into it! What instrument do you play?

    Other Laure, Gico is seriously awesome, that video was full of win!


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