18th c. Wigs of Glory: Addition and Subtraction

It has taken me way too many days of experimentation, failing, purchasing, more experimenting, and attempting to film it all, to get this wig together and in a state of glory.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I feel I have finally achieved a proper Wig of Great Enormity. I was not all that happy with the first and second versions of this wig, so I embarked yet again on a journey of addition and subtraction – adding hair extensions, subtracting more of original wig’s length. After hours of shaping, pinning, pushing, pulling, stitching, bitching, boiling, and even powdering, I’ve come up with THIS.

Some of you may know that I am working on a how-to video for this wig. In my support of the free-flow of costume knowledge, I’ve video-documented how I did all this madness, and will be posting it here and on YouTube at some point in the near future.

The mask in the picture is a paper mache blank I picked up and plan to reshape. It’s way too wide for my face right now, but the temptation to hide my tired, un-made-up face was too great! Oh, and feathers make everything better 🙂


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