Plannings for a Regency Wardrobe

or the “I have no idea what I’m doing” wardrobe.

Reader, I have become complacent. I am far too comfortable in the late 18th century, to the point where I get decidedly nervous and befuddled when venturing into a new time period. The latest excursion is into the mid-Regency period, about 1804-1814. It’s never been a period I’ve been super-attracted to, but with Bridgerton-mania in full swing, I would like to add some items to my mostly-non-existent Regency costume closet.

Ackermann’s Repository, Evening Dress, March 1814. 

These pieces shall be…

  • A basic white cotton evening gown
  • A contrasting evening over-bodice
  • A redingote/pelisse
  • A day dress
  • A wrapper or short gown
  • Millinery – a fluffy cap, ruffled chemisette, and fur tippet

I am not completely devoid of some pieces already. I have both the long and short Regency corsets from Redthreaded, a couple basic linen shifts, a suspender-style cotton petticoat, long gloves, a couple reticules, a great bonnet, shoes and boots, and stockings.

Portrait of a woman by Henry Inman, c. 1825 – out of my time range but I just love the redingote and chemisette.

I am almost done with the Lady Danbury red silk pelisse, so that’s one piece down.

I also have quite a few stash fabrics that can be busted for these pieces: a roll of plain white cotton voile, a few small chunks of velvet, some striped silk taffeta, and lots of bits of lace and whitework for caps and ruffles and whatnot.

Journal des Dames et des Modes, 1813. 

It did all seem rather overwhelming at first, but listing it out like this puts it in perspective…it’s not THAT much to do…right? (eek!)


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