A Little History of “Sophie” 18th Century Mules

The Laundress, 1761, by Greuze

Mules! (AKA Slippers!) Did you know that mules were incredibly common in the 18th century?

Women of all social classes wore them in various materials (silk, wool, leather), both as indoor and outdoor wear, and it’s easy to see why. Mules easily slipped on and off the feet without having to bend over to do up buckles or ties. Even working class women are depicted wearing mules, and many beautiful examples survive in museums.

A pair of plain slippers – 1750 – 1800, Rijksmuseum
La Mauvaise Novelle, 1740, by Jean Baptiste Marie Pierre
A beautiful pair of green Moroccan leather mules (now missing their binding) from Kerry Taylor Auctions (link no longer active)

The Complain of the Watch, 1770s, by Greuze

Velvet mules with brown leather heels, 1775 – 1800, MFA

Our new “Sophie” mules are a great representation of slippers from the last half of the 18th century. We have balanced beauty, practicality, and comfort with the Sophies, hearing your requests for a low-heeled leather mule that can be worn all the time.

Sophie Mules in red leather with white heels.

Sophie Mules in green leather with white heels. 

Sophie Mules in black leather trimmed in black – classic.

The Sophies come in three very Georgian colorways – black, red/white, and green/white. We’ve done a pebbled leather on the red, meant to mimic Moroccan leather, and both the red and green are trimmed in white with white heels, oh-so-18th-century.

Here’s a bit more about the mules from our livecast…

You may be worried about using your mules outside, but please allow me to assuage your fears. I’ve worn mules outdoors many times and never had an issue with dirt (leather just wipes clean, afterall). They are also very easy to keep on the feet because of the real leather lining, which kind of “sticks” to the foot (yes, it’s weird, but it’s true). If you’re marching with a unit or doing heavy work in a muddy camp, we understand your choice of a rougher shoe, but if you’re just popping down Duke of Gloucester Street to meet friends or promenading around Versailles, the Sophie Mules will serve you very well.

Sophie Mules are on pre-order for $130 ($150) through July 20th. They come in sizes 5 – 11 (including all half sizes) and both B and C width.

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