Autumn Beauties – Pre-Order Now Open!

How long has it been since we’ve done a pre-order for NEW historic styles?! We’re happy to finally be introducing some gorgeous new shoes for Fall this year.

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July 20 – August 10 at

Meet the new girls…

Molieres in black leather are your go-to shoes for Edwardian and 1920s looks.

Molieres are also gorgeous in ivory! Wear them for Summer events or paint or dye them any color you like!

The new Louis heel is exquisite and only 2.25 inches

Moliere Edwardian Pumps
A new heel, a new last, a new and very exciting design. Perhaps the quintessential Edwardian shoe, this elegant design was incredibly popular for the early 20th century into the mid-1920s.

The flared tongue, cross-over strap, and curvaceous French heel combine to create a beautiful and versatile pump. Wear the Molieres as-is or hook fancy Edwardian shoe clips to the strap for endless variations.

New Dashwood Regency Slippers in tan/brown or black/black with ivory embroidery on the toes and our historic trades stamp on the insole.
We tested the Dashwoods at Jane Austen Festival with much success – comfortable and cute!

The embroidery on the toe is done in ivory stitching and based on an original design.

Dashwood Regency Slippers

The Regency era was a wonderful period for footwear. Cutwork, painting, embroidery, foxing – all were popular on these simple slippers, lending interest and fun to otherwise plain shoes. Our new Dashwoods play with color and texture, combining leather, sateen, and embroidery for a unique look.

The Dashwoods are based on several antique examples and are cute, comfortable, and accurate for 1800 – 1820.

Cutwork, straps,buttons, broguing, French heels – the goodness goes on and on!

They’re everything you hope!

Colette Edwardian Button Boots

You may recognize these stunning boots as the winner of a previous “Exclusives” poll. Due to the popularity, we decided to move these to our regular production line! Based on an exquisite original pair of boots, our Colettes are true-buttoning boots with four adjustable straps. Decorated with cutwork and a capped toe, a flash of these beneath your petticoat is sure to set hearts a-flutter.

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