Classic 1940s Shoes by Royal Vintage (That's Me!)

Aug 11, 2016 9 comments

I've been kindof quietly working on this other thing for awhile, for about a year now - it's a whole new line of historical reproduction shoes for the 20th century vintage decades, the 1920s, 30s, and 40s.

Wait, what?

Monica Lenk in original 1940s paired with "Marilyn" 1940s Pin Up Pumps by Royal Vintage
Yup, Chris and I have expanded The Company - well, actually we formed an entirely new one as an offshoot of American Duchess - to have a go in the vintage/retro fashion world. No lie, this world is much more mainstream than Georgian and Victorian shoes and I am intimidated by that, but also excited by it. Here we all are, all us historical costumers and vintage fashion bloggers, and retro divas, and anyone with an offbeat, eccentric fashion sense, and we need shoes too, preferably ones that are affordable, comfortable, and look *just like* those from 75 years ago.

But, y'

"Peggy" Spectators and "Dolores" Slingback Platforms by Royal Vintage
So I've designed a collection of Classic 1940s Shoes, four iconic shoes styles that represent this chic and practical decade. These are the shoes of our grandmothers and great grandmothers.

We've got spectator pumps, slingback platforms, a true '40s ankle strap, and some curvaceous "pin up pumps." Peggy, Dolores, Nita, and Marilyn. Black and white, brown and white, brown or green alligator, black suede, oxblood, and slick black leather. Yowza.

Terra Williams in original vintage paired with "Marilyn" 1940s Pin Up Pumps in black leather by Royal Vintage
Just like new releases from American Duchess, we're doing a pre-order for the Classic 1940s Royal Vintage designs. August 11th - September 1st, pre-order customers will get a discount and be the first to receive their shoes when they arrive around October 1st.

Over the next couple weeks I'll be talking about each of the designs more in depth, from inspiration to challenges to final touches. For all the basic info, though, from heel heights to materials, check out the collection at

The pre-order runs August 11 - September 1.
Pre-Orders get $20 off!

Here's our nifty catalog with pretty pictures:

Speaking of pictures, you'll see a lot of them everywhere. In my photog capacity, I'm particularly proud of these shoots. Photo shoots are a group effort, so a huge thank you to Monica Lenk of OverAttired Vintage and Terra Williams of Duet Vintage who both provided their original vintage clothes and also styled their hair, makeup, and accessories. Big thanks as well to Amanda Landrum, who styled her hair and makeup and was such a sport climbing around abandoned barns and bridges in slingbacks.

"Nita" 1940s Ankle Straps in black suede with cutouts and stitching on the toe. I named these after my stylish grandmother.
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Amanda Landrum in vintage Pendleton, original hat, Rocket Originals sweater, and "Dolores" Slingback Platforms in brown faux alligator by Royal Vintage.


  1. where did you do the photos for these shoes?

    1. I did two separate shoots. The "country" shoot with Amanda in the pleated skirt was done in Washoe Valley just outside Reno, Nevada, where I live/work/exist. The shoot with Monica and Terra in the vintage '40s suits was done in downtown Oakland, CA, where they both live/work/exist. We did three outfits each for them, and four locations. It was quite an evening. The very last photos of Terra in the grey dress and black heels were done in twilight. The camera recorded more than my eyes could see. It was a challenge, but I consider that shoot the best work of my "career" so far. :-)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous photoshoot! And so exciting about your new venture! The shoes are all beautiful.
    The Artyologist

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  5. I absolutely love the Dolores shoes! I will definitely be purchasing some of those once I've got the money. Although, I'm going to struggle to choose between the two colours. I also love the Peggy shoes but I'm banned from buying any more two tone shoes :(

  6. Lovely outfits,really love this collection.This blue outfit is mine favourite

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