Happy Bastille Day! (And Happy SALE!)

Happy Bastille Day! For me, Bastille Day marks the middle of the year. It says, “you’ve come this far, and now it’s time to look towards the Fall” (may favorite time of year). Phew!

It’s also the time for our big 18th century sale! There are some great Ba-steals and Ba-deals to be had (har har har) over in the SALE section at www.AmericanDuchess.com – free buckles or stockings on 18th c. shoes, Antoinettes, Nankeens, and Highburies on sale, 25% off Cavendish buckles, major reductions on Imperfects, and even a few deadstock Exclusives. Go check it out.

And now for the pretties. Sales are a good excuse for photo shoots, and I’ve been itching to show you “proper” pictures of the Midnight Chemise a la Reine. I bribed Abby, a historically-inclined young lady, to model (it was her first time!), and trussed her up in the full complement – chemise, stays, bum pad, ugly puffer, petticoat, neckerchief, gown, sash, beret, and of course….that hair!

Abby Hersey modeling the Chemise a la Reine for AmericanDuchess.com

What a good sport. It took 2 hours to do hair, makeup, and dressing. With the exception of the little curls down the back, all of this is her own hair! For makeup she’s wearing a pale foundation (Ben Nye “Clown White”), with Heirloom Haircare’s 18th century rouge on the cheeks and lips.

Abby is wearing “Kensington” 18th century leather shoes in “Oxblood,” arriving in stock very soon

Two hours to dress, 30 minutes to shoot, and 30 seconds to disrobe. That’s how it goes!

Abby Hersey models the Chemise a la Reine for AmericanDuchess.com
Vive La France!


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