Playing With Sailors at l’Hermione, and more Williamsburg Shenanigans

Lauren M, Adam the Sailor, and me at l’Hermione a second day

After our initial visit to The Hermione, we returned a second day at Adam’s request, to pose for a few recreations of satirical 18th century prints.

These prints depict sailors and ladies in various situations. We did our best to act them out, and I’m quite happy with the results:

The description of this print reads “A Man of War, towing a Frigate into Harbour.” Her skirt supports aren’t THAT big!
This one’s description is cut off, but something rather untoward is about the happen….
This one is “The Sailor’s Pleasure”

We returned to Williamsburg later in the day and enjoyed a few house and trade tours, viewing the cabinetmakers, the Randolph House, and the coffee house, which we had to ourselves.  I was quite charmed with the coffee house, as it was just the sort of place I would like to spend my coffeemornings nowadays, and served then relatively the same purpose as coffee shops do today – a place to get together, chat, enjoy caffeinated beverages, and reflect. Of course, Charlton’s coffee house did not admit women then, which the rather perturbed lawyer we met inside reenacted quite convincingly.

Lauren M observing the map in the courthouse
Enjoying a sampling of chocolate for me and tea for the Lady of Portland House

It was a beautiful day. A bit toasty with a random half-hour thunderstorm in the afternoon, but we survived.

Surprise! It’s raining in Williamsburg!

I wore my 1785 pierrot jacket with the green silk petticoat, tamboured apron, and black silk bonnet, all entirely hand-sewn. I must remark again on the efficiency of the black bonnet – you’ll see in the earlier photos that our eyeballs were quite distressed by the sun. I regretted greatly not taking the bonnet to l’Hermione with me that morning, so the first thing I did when we got back to Williamsburg was put it on. Ah, relief!

Chintz! Chintz everywhere! Don’t “chuck it out,” make clothes out of it!
My outfit for the day – yes, that’s a Hermione flag in my hat. A nice French man gave it to me in Yorktown, and I felt obliged to wear it upon my head all day.


  • vintagevisions27

    June 23, 2015 at 12:34 PM

    Looks like you had a wonderful time, I've been enjoying your photos! Love the recreated prints! Ah sailors, lol! That's so much fun to do. My blue and white cross barred gown is based off the print "The Oyster Seller" and sometime I want to pose for that print.
    Thanks for your lovely comments on my recent blog posts! Let me know if you'd like a tracing of that 30s jacket pattern.

    • Lauren Stowell

      June 23, 2015 at 7:51 PM

      Thank you!

      YES, YESSSS! I would LOVE a tracing of that jacket. I did a quick search for the pattern and the only one I could find was yours. I would be eternally grateful!! My email is [email protected]

  • Crystal

    June 24, 2015 at 12:55 AM

    Oh gosh, Adam looks like he'd be a hoot to hang out with those. Recreating satire pictures seems a lot like recreating one's childhood photos which I think is super fun (my siblings less so). Very enjoyable!

    (Still not sick of the hat. In fact, I love it more than ever!)


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