18th Century BigAss Caps

…one final push for Williamsburg!

With The Creature wrapping up (and boy does that feel good!), I have just enough time and plenty of organza left to make a BigAss Cap.

And I want it to be biiiiiiiiig. Fluffy. Ridiculous. I want it to eat my head.

So here’s my inspiration:

Two Nerdy History Girls – Abby, Milliner’s Apprentice at Williamsburg, wearing a big fluffy gauze (organza) cap
Lady Wearing a Large White Cap, c. 1780 – National Gallery of Art
Francis Alleyne, 1780 -85

French School, 1772-85 – Bowes Museum
The back of Samantha’s cap – The Couture Courtesan
1777 French Fashion Plate, noting the cap design in the upper right – via

I don’t have a pattern, but there are some resources online here:

Luckily caps aren’t so very hard to figure out. I have this diagram from Art, Beauty, and Well-Ordered Chaos to go from, and tweak for proportion:

Click through for instruction

I best get on with it!


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