Costume College 2014: Part The One

So as you all know, I spent the long weekend in L.A., attending Costume College, which was, is, and shall forever be *fabulous*

Between the smartphone and the 10 lb Nikon, I got some photos, but I was really pretty lazy about it, so many of these photos are from other attendees.

Thursday night – everyone has been arriving all day. There was a pool party, and a lot of vintage happening. From left to right: Elizabeth, Vivien, Kaila, Natalie, me, Breanna. Photo is by Laurie Tavan
First full day – Friday – during the day I wore this crazy plaid ’50s thing. I was lazy and skipped the proper underpinnings and fluffy bits, but I wish I’d done the full thing now. Really fun to wear, though. Photo by Laurie Tavan.
My first “limited” class was on Friday – learning how to block wool felt cloche hats. Here’s the start of mine – the felt hood had been steamed and stretched on the hat block, and I was perusing inspiration images.
At the end of my cloche hat class, I had finished my hat! I am so happy with how this came out, as I am always disappointed in modern cloche hats. Now I know how to block them myself, so it’s time to make and/or fix all my old hats!
Friday evening was the Ice Cream Social. I started my dressing ritual with buttoning up my new boots – “Renoir” button boots for late 1850s-1880s, which worked perfectly with the 1879 day dress I brought for the evening.
At the Ice Cream Social – Rebecca, me, and Kaila, bustling in our bustles. Such fun to wear! Note to self: make more bustle and natural form everything.
The Ice Cream Social is the first opportunity to show off your costuming goodness – all periods are present, and even some fantasy. Here we have 1820s, 1920s, and a Kings Landing gown from Game of Thrones
Kaila and Merja – still trippin’ on the bustles. Just so gorgeous. These two were both made from the Janet Arnold “Patterns of Fashion” example, but are so completely different.
I managed to squeeze myself into this gown from last December (yay!). The bodice was made from Wearing History’s 1879 Dinner Bodice (Resto-vival ePattern), and I can’t wait to use it again. Very versatile. Photo by Laurie Tavan.
At the end of the night, it all comes off so much quicker than it goes on!
Abby’s hair making a break for it, at the end of the night

And so ended the first day and a half of Costume College. Stay tuned for Saturday’s shenanigans….


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