Dinner At The Parlor

This weekend, I took an impromptu trip to the Bay Area to see beloved friends. And then there was food, wine, and Cards Against Humanity. The official vintage-costume-party is actually tomorrow night (and I have a *fabulous* dress for that, so stay tuned), but in celebration of fine friends, and a seriously crazy-cool apartment (“The Parlor”), here are some random photos…

Chrissy, Monica, Sam, and Maggie, in the fabulous Parlor

Sam has quite the collection of hats, and a gazillion other intriguing things. On the far left there are collars, in their original boxes.
Maggie of Serendipitous Stitchery
A pile a suspenders, because of course that’s completely normal in everyone’s houses.
Chrissy, of The Laced Angel

Monica and Sam dancing

I didn’t wear vintage last night, but today was a good excuse. Here’s the dress I made ages ago, but hadn’t worn yet, from Advance 6643:

I didn’t wear American Duchess shoes, which was a mistake, since my feet hurt after an hour walking around Alameda.

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