Please Vote: Newport Historical Society “Signature Shoe” Development Poll

I’m excited to announce that American Duchess and the Newport Historical Society are teaming up to re-create one of the gorgeous Edwardian shoes in their collection, a splendid satin and metallic brocade evening shoe that’ll be called “Seabury.” These’ll be a limited edition “Signature Collection” shoe, which will benefit the Newport Historical Society directly.

Here’s an image of the original shoes:
Thanks to so much fantastic feedback on our Facebook page, we’ve narrowed the color choices down to three:
Ivory – a warm off-white hue.
Ivory – concept sketch
Dove Grey – a warm grey tone
Dove Grey – concept sketch
Black – concept sketch
The brocade has a few different tones in it, but the outstanding feature is the metallic brocading in the flowers, which has tarnished on the original shoe. We don’t want our version to look cheap/garish, so we think a dark silver/pewter metallic thread will look splendid.
Please vote for your top 2 choices out of these three, or choose the “none of these” option if you wouldn’t be interested in any of these shoes at any point.  Thank you again for your help!


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