Shoes for Jamestown, and Williamsburg, and Whoopi Goldberg

I have some exciting news to share with you all!

While I was in Williamsburg, I had a couple meetings with the costume departments of Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown, both of which went very well. The result is that we’re going to be developing some styles with both sites!

It’s early days, but I can hint to you that the 18th century shoe will be made of wool, and the Jamestown shoe will be a slashed leather flat. Both shoes will be worked for maximum comfort and durability outdoors, for the interpreters who will be wearing them daily…and they both will be available to the general public to buy too. 😀

I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of research already. Here are some inspirational pieces for the Jamestown shoe…

VandA, shoe, c. 1600, English
John de Critz the Elder, portrait of James I, 1606

Robert Peake, portrait of Prince Henry, son of James I, c. 1608

In other weird,wacky, and wonderful news, out of the blue, Whoopi Goldberg has asked us to make four pairs of the most richly decorated shoes I can dream up. My head is spinning in so many directions! I have no idea how she found us, or what she’s planning for these, but I’m really excited to see what kind of stuff we can come up with. Brocades and embroidery and silver lace, oh my!

The Met, early 18th c.
VandA, Spitalfields silk shoes, c. 1735
Museum of London, shoes, c. 1760

I’ll share more about these projects soon!


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