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Today I have a couple shop announcements for you. First…

Astoria Edwardian Shoes

Imperfects Sale

We have quite a few styles available, but only a small and random selection of sizes in each. The pricing reflects the level of imperfection – almost all flaws are tiny marks on satin or leather. There are no structural flaws, just cosmetic.

You can see everything available here:

Civil War Shoes

Gettysburg Pre-Order Ending

Just two days left on the Gettysburg pre-order. We *are* going into production on these. Remember that you get a discount and guaranteed your size when you pre-order (we often sell out of sizes before the shipment arrives, especially 6s and 11s), plus you’re helping support the development and release of new historical shoes in our range.

Place your order here:

Gettysburgs *are* historically accurate from the 1830s through the 1860. They are period correct for Civil War.

Renaissance Shoes

Stratfords On The Way

Stratford Elizabethan Shoes have wrapped up production and are en route. We’re expecting them near the end of February. You can order yours for arrival in time for fair season.

Remember these are a Signature Collection shoe designed by artisan shoemaker Francis Classe, and he receives a share of the profits. They’re mega-researched and excellently designed and constructed.

That’s all for now, folks!


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