Accessorizing for Williamsburg, 2014

For once I have a decent number of gowns to wear to a big event, but what I *don’t* have is a selection of accessories to help with what might be quite chilly weather.  With a month and a half until we leave, I can surely knock together some of these things:

Gloves and/or Mitts
I’m leaning more towards the gloves. I’ve had this Butterick glove pattern for ages and never used it, so I’m thinking of giving it a try with some thin leather, but I might just buy doeskin opera gloves instead…

A Fur Muff
Lots of people (Koshka, Leimomi) have been making muffs lately, so I don’t feel completely at a loss when it comes to figuring out how to make one. I have some old vintage sable fur that would be perfect for the job, and has been waiting patiently in my stash for something like this.

Madame Molee-Reymond by Vigee Le Brun (Louvre)

A Mantle or Cape
Short or long, wool or silk, I haven’t decided yet. Here’s some inspiration:

Nasjonalmuseet for Kunst, Arketektur og Design – 1780-1810
The Met, cape (and muff), last third of the 18th c.
The British Museum, 1778-1779
The Fashionable Past

Okay, so maybe I’m leaning rather towards a silk mantle with furry or fluffy bits…

A Calash Bonnet
I’ve wanted one for ages. I know it won’t provide much warmth, but it’ll look cool and cover a high hairstyle, in case it’s misting or snowing or anything like that. There is a workshop during the convention, but I’m afraid it’s going to book out before I can register. It’s also during another workshop I think I might like to go on instead, so I might have to figure the calash out on my own. 🙂

The Met, c. 1790
The Met, 18th c.

A Few Other Things I’ll Need or Would Like…

  • A new bergere – mine are much too large
  • An additional cap, because I only have one
  • A quilted petticoat

I Also Need To Make or Fix or Finish…

  • A shirt for my riding habit
  • The gilet for my riding habit (because I don’t think the jacket will close anymore)
  • The trimmings and whatnots on the LACMA Francaise
  • Full reconstruction of my Weddingote (may may not happen)


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