My Costuming Year in Review – 2013

The very last day of 2013 is a good time to look back, as so many of us have been doing this past week.  Here are the costumes I made and wore in 2013:

A Grand Panier that turned out to be too grand. | A pair of Regency half stays I ended up never wearing.
The “Green Acres” 1880 bustle gown. | My stab at a Titanic dress for our annual April tea
A 1950s red-white-and-blue sailor dress from a vintage pattern. | The 1920s “Little Jersey Dress” for Gatsby
A new Elizabethan doublet for Valhalla Renaissance Faire. | The 1790s Curtain-Along Dress, at Costume College.
My last project of 2013, the “Cafe Promenade” 1879 tea gown.
My wedding gown for October. | The “Angel Wing Bum” to go under my wedding gown petticoats.
The Lobster-Tail Bustle Project. | A new corset
A 1920s charmeuse slip to go under a beaded gown. | Some PANTS!
A 1950s Derby Day dress made from a vintage pattern. | My “Pierrot” Halloween costume.

It’s surprising to look back and see everything – I thought I hadn’t sewn so much this past year, but that’s a lot of completed projects! I didn’t include the UFO’s, of course, and there were quite a few that were conceptualizes but never even started. Such is the way this hobby goes, at least for me. 🙂 Now on to 2014, and all the projects that will hold!

Happy New Year!!


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