Astoria! Astoria!

Somewhere along the way a rumor developed that “Astoria,” our most popular shoe, like, ever, was being discontinued. Well I’m happy to report that discontinued Astorias are NOT!

It’s taken some time to sort it all out with our awesome new factory, but Astorias are back for pre-order, and better than ever.  I took the opportunity to make some improvements:

  • Better quality calf leather upper
  • Now lined in real leather instead of faux, which means these will stretch and mold to your feet perfectly
  • Thicker leather soles that won’t wear out so quickly at the toe and edges
  • Functional buttonholes and stronger buttons – this means you can actually undo the straps to get the shoes on; also, no more scuffed leather buttons breaking apart; and you can easily move the buttons to let the straps out or take them in, to fit your arches perfectly.
  • Trimmed down straps – no more bulky piping around the straps, so they look more delicate and lay across the foot better.
  • The ivory is now actually ivory, and it has the same dyeability and paintability as before.

I’ve put the order for Astorias in already, so the size quantities on the website are limited. I know a lot of you have been waiting quite some time for a restock, and I would strongly encourage you to pre-order to reserve your pair, especially if you wear a size 6 or 11.  Delivery is scheduled for early January.

Place orders online at


  • Lizzardtears

    October 15, 2013 at 1:24 AM

    yea! I have been lusting after these shoes and waiting for a re-stock. especially after I got my Gibsons, which I love. I can be kinda rough on shoes, so I was happily surprised at how sturdy my Gibsons are. can't wait to get my Astoria's!

  • Vincent Briggs

    October 15, 2013 at 12:36 PM

    This is good news. They're all so pretty!
    I've been wondering, will there be a replacement shoe for the adorable Pemberlies? I say this with the hope that your company will someday be big enough to stock size 11.5 and that I will someday have the money to buy them. They would be just perfect for my 1780's and early 90's stuff, which I intend to sew a lot of.
    It's wonderful to hear that the quality has improved. I'm sure the increased prices are totally worth it.

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