The Real Mod Cloth (Pssst! It's Polyester!)

Jul 17, 2013 22 comments
Last night I was invited by Lady Carolyn to dress in one of my favorite decades of fashion, the 1960s, to appear with a couple other gals as a visual aid in one of Lady C's presentations on vintage fashion.  I teased my hair, drew on my giant winged eyeliner, and donned the dress of a Modern.

Thank you, England, for Twiggy and the 60s mod look. <3
I have never dressed in Mod fashion before.  My flavor of '60s leans towards Dior and Jackie O, but I have an appreciation for the broad array of styles and subcultures of this decade.  Each of them had their best looks, and their worst.

"...oooo, I think I'll find a British boy to marry...."
Another dancing Monkee
Despite it not really being my bag, baby, I *loved* wearing this vintage go-go dress, made of stretchy polyester, and cut surprisingly modestly.  The boots are reproductions and were a trip to wear, being all plastic and tight and non-breathable, but they really made the outfit iconic.

I don't really smoke (ew!) but it seemed like the thing to be holding


  1. you look beautiful and I love the dancing Monkee picture ^^

  2. Hully gullly, go go dancer! ;-) you are looking great!
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  3. How cute!! I was 13 in 1967, so was able to wear these the first go round. I had white, black and brown go-go boots. I was also lucky enough to be able to visit Carnaby Street in London in 1969. I brought back lots of fun clothes and make up for high school.

  4. Love it. That black and white picture of you in the stairs is so perfect, I could be fooled in thinking it is 50 years old!

  5. Blue eyeshadow? Very pale lips?

    1. Heavy black winged liner and frosty pink lips, indeed :-)

  6. You do 60s so well. You look like a young Vanessa Redgrave. Gorgeous!

  7. Oh my gosh, I love this! You look great!

  8. I think you look amazing, not to mention VERY mod '60s! I love both the mod and the more "put together" looks, so I'm usually happy with anything related to that decade. Great job!

  9. I am not the biggest fan of 60s fashion either - but you look so super cute :-)

  10. Those pictures look like they are pulled right from the 60s!

  11. love it. you looked like the real deal, great job on the hair.

  12. That is a fabulous look on you!!!!

  13. Ok now do the Dior look with the other dress you have. :)


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