Sewing Cake “Pavlova” Pattern 1940s Photo Shoot

Howdy! Back in January, I worked on a “collabvertisement” with Steph C. of “Cake Patterns,” to showcase one of her awesome, indie, vintage-inspired patterns, “Pavlova.”  It was a freezing cold day, but still fun to shoot with Mr C (and we went for steamin hot Pho afterwards).  I’ve sat on sharing these for awhile, because Steph was getting the pattern ready, but now she’s released it, so check it out: Cake Patterns Website ; “Pavlova” Pattern on Etsy ; More Photos from This Shoot.

I styled the wrap top and circle skirt with a 1940s flavor, kindof “nitty-gritty-city.”  I tried out a 1940s lip shape, and hairstyle (back when I had this much hair).  Thanks to Steph, Mr. C, and the city of Reno’s alleyways and Deco post office!


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