V248: 1772 Colonial Spice Tea by Litttle Bits Clothing Company

This morning, with the power out and no internet to eat my soul, I had a chance to slow down and enjoy a fine cuppa new tea I got from Alicia of Litttle Bits Clothing Company.

This is “1772 Colonial Spiced Tea,” with lemon, cloves, allspice, black tea, cinnamon, mint, and orange – all the wonderful things I love in a fine tea.  Wonderful Christmas memories spring from the aroma, and the tea tastes as good as it smells.

I mixed mine with wildflower honey, and raw sugar.  Alicia recommends adding a squeeze of lemon, or trying the mixture out as a mulling spice for wine or cider. (Oh don’t I wish the weather would turn chilly already! It’s still too hot outside for cider!)

I really enjoyed this mix, and think it would make a great gift for Georgian history buffs.  Litttle Bits sells it for $15.00 / 3.7 oz. , in her Etsy store here: LitttleBits on Etsy


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