V129: 18th Century Reds

Imatex – red velvet jacket, bound in blue, 1780-90s. This is a must-someday-make jacket

I’m a sucker for red, I’ll admit.  My second 18th century gown was red and still love it to pieces.  Here are some firey 18th century reds to inspire you:

Imatex – a southern European jacket, 1740s-60s ish
Shoe-Icons – has more than just shoes!  silk brocade gown of c. 1740
MFA – red silk satin mitts, no date on MFA’s website.
V&A riding habit of red wool, a real stunner, 1770-75
Colonial Williamsburg’s eMuseum online, a quilted petticoat, 1758
Via 1780-85. I love this atypical ensemble
Museum at FIT, 1775 English gown, fabric from 1750s.  YUM!
National Trust – 1740-50; I had to end with shoes, of course!


  • Isis

    May 8, 2012 at 5:44 PM

    LOL, I'm so immersed in 18th century beauty right now that I immediatly thought that this must be a post about red makeup…

    Lovely examples! I love red!

  • Sophia

    May 18, 2012 at 12:11 AM

    The 1780-85 quilted fabric gown. I think I have seen a similar one to it in a 18th century fashion book that my local library has. That one is pink though and has rose and ribbons appliques(?) attached to the back of it.

    Both are very unusual and pretty though 🙂

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