1950s 1-yard Jacket and Skirt

Dec 30, 2011 18 comments

Some time ago I acquired a large number of vintage patterns, and slowly but surely have been making my way through them.

This pattern is fantastic.  Both pieces are incredibly simple, and take only one yard each.

The jacket is a dolman sleeve, so typical of the 50s, made from a funky plaid wool I snagged from Miss Laura Rubin many years ago.  I needed to add a waistband extension for my freakazoid long waist, but it worked out quite nicely.

The skirt is some bizarre Walmart-bought grey/white cotton...stuff.  I originally bought it for a backdrop, which most of it still is, but it just seemed like the perfect fabric for this skirt (and if I make a different jacket later, I wil most *definitely* be taking a photo in front of the matching backdrop, lol)

Jacket and Skirt - made by me, from Butterick 9438
Purse and Sweater - Target
Hat - Vintage (cockade made by me)
Shoes - Unlisted

Butterick 9438
"One Yard Line"
I'm not selling mine, but I found this pattern for sale here: http://www.ecrater.com/p/12532469/butterick-9438-60s-jacket-sheath-skirt


  1. LOVE this outfit and the matching accessories are just perfect!! I've been wanting to try out some of these '1 yard' patterns!

  2. My, you look very pretty and very 50s! :) You should go out on the street and see the reactions of your city folk.

  3. Cute! Love the yellow accent pieces.

  4. What a super cute outfit! I love it. The picture at the very bottom looks so 1950s model. Nice job!

  5. Thank you guys so much. I'm on the lookout for some more of these "1 yard line" patterns. I'm a lazy vintage seamstress, lol

  6. Oh my gosh, Laura! lol! These vintage picts of you are just precious!

  7. Super cute and you have a great look for the 50s overall, as well. :)

  8. The makeup and poses are spot on! Really helps to add to an already cute ensemble!

  9. Wonderful! I love that period of fashion. You go girl!

  10. Lovely, and great photos, love the 50's model poses!

  11. LOVE IT! And beautifully matched too!

  12. Great photos! The last is especially fantastic!!!


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