Edwardian Footwear – Thrift Score!

It seems like every time I go in a thrift store lately (all two times in the past two weeks), I come away with some really great stuff.

Both the Salvation Army Thrift Store and Savers, here in Reno, yielded some fantastic footwear befitting the Edwardian period.  Don’t underestimate the power of early ’90s Victoriana, for it produced some really charming pieces that are perfect for costuming, and can be picked up for pennies.  Next time you’re out vintage hunting, check out the footwear section.

The first beauties are a pair of black suede heels with interesting cutwork and laces.  They don’t fit me, so I’d guess about a size 7 or 6.5.  The stamp on the inside says “Delman,” and they’ve got top-grade, stamped, Italian leather soles.  They match all the Edwardian footwear hallmarks – French heels, pointed toes, and interesting cutwork/lacing/buttons on the vamp.

The second pair *does* fit me and I’ll be coveting these for a long time!  They’re off-white leather Nordstroms (yay 90s!), with spectator-y cut leather detail on the toe and heel, a short slightly-French heel, and very pointed toes, plus that cutwork and lacing on the vamp.  Love love love love.  Now to make an Edwardian gown to wear them with ….:-)


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