Revolution Dress – Coming to the End…Sortof

I’ve spent all day sewing on the Revolution Dress, for this weekend’s festivities, Gaskells Ball and Pirate Faire.

The gown is done (yay!).  I’m proud of it!  Lilly’s not wearing stays, so she’s kindof burstin’, but the bodice does fit very nicely over my own body, in stays, and is relatively wrinkle-free (though there are still some warps, I shall never best them!!)

I plan to polonaise the skirt, but it can be worn down too, with a slight train

…but the whole costume is not complete.  I’m wearing the cream-colored taffeta petticoat for the formal ball on Saturday, but Sunday the gown will be paired with an open-weave striped, walking-length petticoat…that isn’t done yet. I also need pockets, a fichu, and to trim my new, big straw hat.

Here it is polonaised.  It’s tied up just once on each side.

So it’s almost there…but not…but almost!

The back.  It rumples where it hits the petticoat waistbands underneath.  I’m thinking of adding a line of boning down the center back, to help this.


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