New Vintage Hat Finds

I love hats, didn’t you know? I picked up three gorgeous vintage hats last weekend, for the Boutique on Etsy.

The hardest thing about this “job,” this acquiring of vintage hats for the purpose of selling them, is that I then have to sell them.  I wouldn’t be much of a vintage seller if I just kept everything I bought, and believe me, enough of that already happens!

I have become very picky about the hats I select – good condition, fit the head, definitely vintage, good materials.  I’m quite proud of these three.  I’ve retrimmed the black cloche, as all that was left of its original frippery was a piece of unidentified fur and one sad-looking feather.  I added two more rooster feathers, the satin bow, and the rhinestone pin.  For the ochre pillbox, I clipped on a black ribbon cockade to a pearl-headed pin that came with the hat.  It’s not necessary, and is removable, but I think it adds snazz 🙂  As for the mushroom cloche, well, I think I’m now in love with this style.  So elegant!  I can see this on the head of a retro bride.

This was Creepy Chloe’s first real gig.  She looks nice!  So much better than the white styrofoam heads – ugh! – and Chloe’s head is actually head sized, so you can tell how these hats fit and should be worn.  Good job, Chloe :-).

All of these are on Etsy as of right-now, in the Boutique. 🙂

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